Sunday, May 17, 2009

RENT is better than breathing!

I just saw RENT this afternoon and I have to say that every time I see it it gets better and better.
I saw it in NYC right before it left its home forever and I almost peed it was so good.
Nothing can beat love, aids, drugs, gays, strippers, and MORE!
But while I was sitting there soaking up all of its loveliness, I was wondering how it got so popular. There are so many homophobes and conservative morons out there that I would think it would banned in states like Texas. Not to hate on my home state or anything, but there is an unnecessary amount of republicans. Its dangerous. If you don't own a gun and eat half a cow a day you might as well be the Backstreet Boys--No one cares about you and everyone basically all wishes you would just leave.
So how can musicals like Rent make it?
I know how.....because of the lovely people on the left side of the country club that won't tolerate discrimination. HA! Take that John-Whitey-RIP-McCain!
I for one could not be so grateful to the people of NYC and LA who give little boys with tights and their sister's bra hope.
Not that I am one of those seeing as I am a girl, but I go to school with a ton of theater-flamboyant-wannabe-trackstar boys who just try and fit in with the other Preppy, alcoholic jocks. But they will never fit in. NEVER! Because they love to sing and dream about other boys.
Although, unfortunetly, they are too stuck in their conservative ways to fully understand their homosexual potential.
So I guess all I have to say is: ITS OKAY TO BE GAY YOU GUYS!!!!! (and guys only. lesbians are just gross. Except for Ellen.)
And luckily, its also okay to be straight.
This is what RENT has brought to the America--clay gaykins and the Wiggles.
Just Jenny

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