Monday, May 18, 2009

Groups Never Work

Have you ever noticed that the concept of "group" work is really more of a joke?
All the "groups" in the world consist of one person with a bunch of other friends/followers who like to leech on to the leader's talent and success.
Take for instance Destiny's Child. There's a reason its called that: Destiny's Child. Not children. Not offspring, family, sisters, cherubs, youngsters, progeny, or broods. There is only one: Child. And her name is Beyonce.
Sure, the other girls that were constantly switched out and replaced had some talent. They didn't make me reach for the knife or stick my finger down my throat, but they weren't Simon's "Brillant" either. They were decent.

However, they made millions and millions of dollars because of the same girl that was always in the middle, always had the solos, and always had the lowest cut dress--BEYONCE.
She WAS Destiny's Child. And that is why now she is living large with her silver utensils and blinged out toothbrush while the other girls are getting GLAD with their tubberwear that they use over and over again despite the "Disposable" label on the front. Poor Poor Girls.
And NYSC! So long boys, JT is stealing all the fame and fortune. I wonder if he shares--invites the boys over for their one week meal, lets them borrow the maid's golf cart once and while...but I doubt it.

Why would JT share all of his talent and money with some gay guy hasbeens? I dunno???
But I do like to wonder how the losers spend all their free time--soaking up the little ounces of fame they have left by getting free coupons at the gas stations or a free smiley sticker at WalMart. I bet they feel so proud.
I sure would. Living each day off the money you made in a period of four years, ten years ago must feel nice. I guess Destiny's ex-children could get real fat and go on Celebrity Fat Camp or something.
THANK GOD for those shows, otherwise our lost-pathetic-loved-ones could never make it.
Poor Lance Bass....and the other ones I can't remember.

Good Luck. Its a Tough World--buy a dress and pretend to be gay. That will fix everything!
--Just Jenny*

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